New Beat Ritual E.P released on Two Phased Records!!!

Wow what a great new label! i'm very honered to be part of this new project set up by some totally dedicated Irish lads that know their techno! When i was asked to put together a set of tracks that encompass my slower, more tough progressive techno i was happy to oblige as thats were a lot of my energy has been focused recently. whether it be my new acid house material or nice chunky tech grooves. I already had three tracks reserved for a project like this so the offer  seemed syncronatic. I knew i had to write a special forth track to tie the E.P together which was 'Digital Itch' (The only acidic number on this release) Anyway here it is 'Beat Ritual E.P' I hope you all enjoy this slightly different style , Still hard but keeping things bolted down tighter, I wish good luck to this fantastic new label 'Two Phased' and i hope you can all find a second to give them your  'like' on thier facebook page and get stuck into the three previous E.P's which are all absolutely top-notch releases which i know will definitely be getting a spin in my current DJ sets.


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